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help support this music venue and gallery space!

There's a nifty newish place called Pi, in Mpls. Many of you already know it. Like many of us do, now and then, they're facing off with some $$ issues this month.

As the owner said, today...

"This is Tara. I own this joint. We have had some steep bills this month. Pi needs you to come down this weekend. We are getting better at this bar-running stuff all the time and still want to be a part of our community. We will be alright. We need you to come down this weekend and next. See you here. Pi loves you.

Tara Yule"

So, if you have time to swing by for a drink or three... or a plate of their amazing looking food (I've yet to taste it... oops!)... do so today... or tomorrow... or soon.

This is a great venue to see live acts, having featured Venus, Autonomy (with the thunderous Jendeen on drums), Kelly Nicole, APOX, Harsh Reality (whose sound is thoroughly embiggened by Tempest and Jendeen) and others in the recent past. They have frequent killer drink specials, they have great DJs (like Venus and the mighty Shannon Blowtorch) spinning songs, and they offer gallery space to emerging artists. Show 'em some love when you have a chance.

Pi Bar and Restaurant
2532 25th Ave. S.
Mpls, MN
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